A completely new concept for casting!

MSC - Multi Segment Casting

(international patent pending)

MSC casting saves time, resources and creates new opportunities to cast more complex shapes in a simple and fun way.

MSC (Multi Segment Casting) is based on a simple division of the casting bottle into several vertical segments. It provides significantly more opportunities to cast new shapes in sand or in heat-resistant plaster, which were not possible with the traditional method!

MSC is independent of the choice of casting compound (sand, heat-resistant plaster, steel, etc ..) and the mold is preserved for several copies, with the exception of sand casting.

MSC is easy to use, a mold takes about 30-60 minutes to manufacture. No special tools are needed, apart from a starter kit for sand casting.

The model can be made of any material and is always preserved after casting.

The next generation, MSC 2.0, is approaching!

(futher delayed to the end of December 2021)

Most important news:

A wider (9 cm) casting bottle has been added and the lids are now available as a pair, a male and a female that fit together.

Some examples of MSC castings in sand

It is already possible to pre-order three types of MSC kits, individual flask sets and an upgrade kit in the webshop. You do this by paying a down payment now and the rest when the kit is ready to be sent to you

Get a quick glimpse of the new MSC method in practice

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