A completely new concept for casting!

MSC - Multi Segment Casting

(international patent pending)

MSC casting saves time, resources and creates new opportunities to cast more complex shapes in a simple and fun way.

Some examples of MSC castings in sand

Get a quick glimpse of the new MSC method in practice

MSC (Multi Segment Casting) is based on a simple division of the casting bottle into several vertical segments. It provides significantly more opportunities to cast new shapes in sand or in heat-resistant plaster, which were not possible with the traditional method!

MSC is independent of the choice of casting compound (sand, heat-resistant plaster, steel, etc ..) and the mold is preserved for several copies, with the exception of sand casting.

MSC is easy to use, a mold takes about 30-60 minutes to manufacture. No special tools are needed, apart from a starter kit for sand casting.

The model can be made of any material and is always preserved after casting.

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