The company MSC Stockholm AB was founded in December 2019 by Mats Eriksson.

The company's intention is to provide a method with associated products, which makes casting more flexible, easy and thus fun.

The method is suitable for both beginners and more experienced silversmiths, as it is almost as simple as 'ordinary' sand casting or casting in heat-resistant plaster. The difference is that with the MSC method (Multi Segment Casting) you can cast significantly more shapes, by the problem with so-called undercuts are reduced.

After a number of interviews with more experienced silversmiths, who choose to rent the casting, MSC can increase the desire to experiment, as you can test your model before sending it away for casting in many copies. With MSC, however, you can also cast several copies, with heat-resistant plaster. The mold and model are always preserved, with the exception of sand casting, where the mold is destroyed.

MSC is of course not limited to silver / goldsmithing and the dimensions of the casting bottles can be scaled without major difficulties. The method can therefore be a joy even for e.g. sculptors cast in bronze or similar.

A scaled-up version of MSC would also be useful in industrial casting, partly to reduce costs (so-called precision casting may be unnecessary for certain shapes, such as spirals, threads, drills, etc.), and partly because the method can be easily automated.

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