for flexible casting

Stockholm AB

Using  MSC (Multi Segment Casting) you can cast many new shapes in sand or in heat-resistant plaster, which were not possible with the traditional method!

MSC is independent of the choice of casting compound (sand, heat-resistant plaster, steel, etc ..) and the mold is preserved for several copies, with the exception of sand casting. MSC is easy to use, a mold takes about 30-60 minutes to manufacture. No special tools needed.

The model can be made of any material and is always preserved after casting.

I will gladly come over and demonstrate the method, if it is at a reasonable distance from Stockholm, then there is no car! Just contact me if you are interested!

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How does MSC work?

Maybe this video can bring clarity to that!

Some examples MSC sand castings

(More complete iin the Gallery)

MSC Stockholm AB, org. nr. 559233-9245, Folkungagatan 126, lgh 1504, tel. 0760 36 95 95, e-mail: F-skatt, momsreg./VAT-nr. SE559233924501