for flexible casting

Stockholm AB

A few words about the casting itself first

Have respect for the flame and focus on it throughout the casting, it is very hot!

No alcohol or other drugs before and avoid molding if you feel stressed or tired!

Remove any ignition and glassware, etc. at a proper distance from the flame!

Check that the crucible is firmly attached to the handle!

If you cast at home, you can build up a corner of heat-insulating tiles in e.g. Vermiculite.

Shows a picture below (for left-handers it is better to turn the mirror, so that the left hand has room to turn when the silver is poured into the ingot).

A couple of videos that show how to cast a spiral-like necklace and a ring with a pattern on the outside

This is a little older video, but illustrative since it shows that you can sand cast small details with quite good precision

A couple of videos that show how to cast in plaster are coming soon

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